High-Profile Cupid With a Price Tag to Match at Ivy International

Inga Verbeek has embarked on a mission to offer a solution for the biggest problem facing successful singles; finding their soulmate, without sifting through hundreds of profiles or battling the landscape of dating apps. Designed purely for society’s elite, educated and financially-independent individuals, The Ivy International offers unrivalled matchmaking services, an individualised approach and the personal touch which is needed to find ‘the one’.

Cupid has a name – and it’s Inga

Following a successful career in trading and finance, Inga Verbeek followed her passion and interest in human relations and psychology to become the world’s leading matchmaker, renowned for bringing high-profile individuals together in partnerships which last a lifetime and are filled with happiness and affection.

Standing out in an ocean of dating agencies

It is no secret that dating advice, help and support is a profitable industry right now. With 25% of UK adults installing more than one dating app on their smartphone and 21% using a paid subscription service to find love, traditional methods of meeting people and forming relationships have fallen out of favour, with ‘introduction agencies’ and ‘hook-up apps’ dominating the markets.

Ivy International bring a difference to the dating industry – with no online profiles or impersonal ‘personality tests’, the agency work by meeting and getting to know each client on a truly personal level, to offer a range of tailored services to suit the needs of clients at individual price points.

Open to clients aged 21 and above, an Ivy International membership entitles clients to a wealth of learning opportunities and services, from styling tips, to coaching and personal development courses, the agency looks to put thought and effort into every pairing, and with an 89% success rate in the 21-35 age groups and a 75% success rate in the 36-60 age group, their methods are certainly paying off for clients across the spectrum.

Can you put a price on finding love?

An Ivy International membership carries a steep price tag, but quality always does, with membership tiers starting at €15,000 for a standard membership and reaching heights of €250,000 for the Diamond tier – of which there are only six available at any one time.

Inga’s parting advice for single men

For those seeking top advice, without the costs of Ivy International’s membership, Inga’s best dating tip is to;

“Be a gentleman. Learn how to court a woman in a romantic situation, and not just for sex. At the same time, while women don’t want to be dominated or disrespected, be a bit more of an alpha. Be assertive but be respectful. Don’t be afraid to take charge in any situation, and of course, we’re always looking for men to make the first move. In a world of ying and yang, men and women have always balanced each other out. I think it’s time we return to this truth and celebrate it.”

For further information about Ivy International, contact kate@ivy-international.eu.

High-Profile Cupid With a Price Tag to Match at Ivy International
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