SWEET TENDER LONG LASTING LOVE – at the very core of matchmaking

Inga Verbeeck, the founder & CEO of IVY International, carries a devotion
– ”Making love happen is a joyous act and means added emotional value to
the world.” www.ivy-international.eu

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch. Matchmaker, matchmaker look through your book and make me a perfect match.”

SWEET TENDER LONG LASTING LOVE – at the very core of matchmakingAfter having met with the bright and elegant Inga Verbeeck, the founder and CEO of IVY International, I realize that the
song lyric from the 1963 Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof ” still is of essence. Many of us are in search of an intimate, committed and long lasting relationship. Yet, many of us don’t seem to  be able to find nor fulfill just that. Perhaps a personalized matchmaking is the way to go?

As soon as we’re born, the quest for love begins and our longing to love and be loved remains a never ending story. Our desire for a soul mate, someone to share our hopes, dreams and everyday life with, accompanies us on life’s journey. To explore and get to know someone’s inner beauty and true heart is on many wish lists, including that of my own.

Inga tells me that IVY International is a matchmaking introduction agency, who specializes in matters of the heart and who are absolutely passionate about making love happen for their elite  professionals and affluent members. Already represented in many places in the world, additional focus is now being placed upon the Nordic countries, where there is an increasing demand for matchmaking.

I’m contemplating, why not ask for a little help towards that soul mate quest of mine? In our fast paced lives an increasing number of individuals, who carry the yearning for a deeper connection with a compatible partner, seek out the services of a matchmaker. The more I converse with Inga, the more I like the idea of someone introducing me to other possibilities than the ones I’ve experienced so far. I’m certainly no expert when it comes to finding my own perfect match.

I’m intrigued by the fact that IVY International, this highly competent matchmaker, takes an in-depth look at the lives of their clients. Taking into account such subjects as individual needs, cultural demands, expectations, etc. Well over 2 000 international members currently put their trust in this matchmaker and its’ average success rate of seventy-five percent within the first year.

I for one, enjoy the act of dating, but I certainly could use some pointers. What are the most important tips for a successful date, I wonder? SWEET TENDER LONG LASTING LOVE – at the very core of matchmakingInga replies; “Smile, display interest by asking questions, be attentive to the answers and smile again. A smile will make anyone happy and at ease. Being present is of utter importance. Remember that first impressions are vital, so make sure your attire reflects who you are. Also, keep an open mind and your expectations on the low, as this enables you getting to know someone’s true heart.”

After having met with Inga and absorbing her absolute easiness around the topic of love, I am even more determined to find the sunshine of my life. Perhaps a matchmaking service is the way to go…

Helen Mags Magnuson for http://www.ostermalmshallen.se/magasin/

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