Effervescent and dynamic, Maureen is a business management graduate and private banker by profession. She enjoyed a successful, fast-paced career, working for a leading international investment bank in South Africa, her place of birth, in the high net worth and real estate banking divisions.

It is in banking, that she learnt the art of relationship management and developed a true understanding of the time and personal life demands facing her affluent clients.

Maureen then stepped out of the banking arena to follow her passion for food and the luxury leisure industry. Her work as an international lifestyle chef and consultant has given Maureen the professional agility she possesses today as well as priceless insights into different worlds of work, lifestyles and what makes people spark.

With the same courage and curiosity that Maureen has harnessed to explore her professional life, so too has she extended this philosophy to her personal life.

Maureen is a seasoned ‘singleton’ with 15 years of active dating experience (book to follow!) – but more importantly, also a former Ivy client who now resides in Germany with her Ivy Match and love of her life.

As an Ivy Relationship Manager and Mentor who has been on both sides of the Ivy matchmaking process, she is therefore truly empathic and sensitive to the needs of her clients.

Maureen practices yoga, collects exotic begonias and will always be a romantic at heart.

Spoken languages: English, German (basic but improving rapidly)

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