Laura is a Developmental psychologist, Jungian psychotherapist, expert in psychosomatic, relaxing techniques, trauma focused techniques and imaginary techniques.
With her studio in Italy she also travels to work with clients, as well as receives patients online. Laura is fluent in English, Spanish and moderate in Portuguese.
She has over 10 years of experience in psychotherapy, working with both adults and children in relation to somatic symptoms, anxieties, depression, trauma consequences, difficulties in relations and personal development.
Laura also offers counselling sessions in order to reach specific goals in one’s personal life such as love and relationships as well as personal growth.

When Laura and Inga, our Ivy CEO, met on an autumn day in 2019 in Milan, a common sensitivity was felt immediately. Since then Laura is a devoted collaborator of Ivy, working on development behind the scenes, as well as supporting clients in their journey.

She is available if you feel an expert consultation could be of help.
Laura wishes you the best luck in this journey of love.

Spoken languages: Italian (native), English, Spanish (fluent) Portuguese (moderate)

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