Paris is the city of love – that is widely known; however in the big cities, it is sometimes difficult to find one’s alter ego. Connecting with people eager to meet with each other in
earnest norms is the skill of Inga Verbeeck.
As the head of the high-end dating agency, Ivy International, Inga Verbeeck and her team are capable of organizing your encounters from A to Z, from a flight center to a restaurant, via the most extravagant demands.
Thanks to their professional partnerships, who are used to a demanding clientele and have perfectly mastered discretion, a process is put in place to optimize your encounters in function with your wants and your profile.
Inga Verbeeck also directs a club of very select members. To be a part of Ivy International is to be a part of a large family in which potential synergies evolve. Features such as the “luxury concierge” are also provided.
Thanks to her rigor and professionalism, this woman of character has, over the years, forged a solid reputation and an exceptional success rate.

To be part of the club, connect to :

Dating Haute Couture : Inga Verbeeck &#8211; Paris Select
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