Collaboration is aimed at events to attend, places to go, networking, lifestyle stories and exchanging tips and ideas.

IVY International and ELEQT are teaming up to help bring more amenities to members.

The partnership is aimed at giving IVY International’s members the possibility to attend events, to exchange on a high end networking platform and to give ELEQT‘s members the possibility to enter a membership club based on true love research with all the amenities of a luxury lifestyle conciergerie.

ELEQT is an exclusive social networking site for high-net-worth individuals. ELEQT has grown to an active social network with members from over 175 countries. With operational offices on all continents we are covering over 15 cities in the world but our ambitions reach much higher.

To receive an exclusive premium membership from ELEQT for free please do not hesitate to contact an IVY International operator at providing your request.

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