The 31st of October people around the world get together to celebrate Halloween. It could serve as kind of the perfect night to meet someone new. If you’re single and looking for a new romantic interest: everyone is out and about and ready to have a fun evening so grab a mask or put on a costume and get out there. Here are some tips in how to make the most of your evening and maybe meet someone special.


  1. Don’t make up an excuse : wear a costume!

Chances of you meeting someone if you are not having the Halloween spirit, are rather small. Your costume can serve as a way to get out of your shell and become the person you have always wanted to be. A disguise can make you bold, flirty and daring. Choose a costume that makes you feel great and increases your confidence. Something that flatters your figure, making your appearance the topic of the night. Over-the-top scary or grotesque costumes are out of the question as well as costumes that are so odd they will scare people away.


  1. My name is Clark Kent and you are .. ?

Say you are stumped on an original costume, go with a play on words.

When people walk up to you and ask you what you are, flirt with them while they are trying to guess. This could make a great conversation starter. Also the other way around, if you’re looking for an excuse to approach someone, just complement their costume. Who doesn’t’ love compliments. You will have that person eating out of the palm of your hand after walking up to him or her and telling them you love their disguise.


  1. Candy anyone?

Candy is for all ages. When heading to a party, don’t forget to bring a bag of little treats and drop a handful into the palm of your person of interest. He or she might end up not liking the candy but you have at least found a way to get the conversation started.


  1. Behold the man in the mask!

With all the wigs, makeup and masks worn on Halloween night, passing by people you can’t get a good look at might be a little too easy. But beware because the unknown and mysterious are often the hidden gems! Approach them and don’t be shy, when revealing their true identity you might get a wicked surprise.


  1. Go easy on the witch’s brew.

Don’t have too many drinks too early on as the 31st has the tendency to be a bit of a wild night. You can’t make a good impression when being drunk. Pace yourself with your drinking because losing your mind completely is not that attractive. Also never leave your drink alone when you head to the dance floor.


  1. Don’t forget…

When you had the opportunity of meeting someone interesting and sparks were shared, don’t forget to ask for their phone number or email address. You wouldn’t want to miss out on continuing where you left off…

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