The Short Version: When Matchmaker Inga Verbeeck founded Ivy International, she was clear about her driving philosophy: to stay true to her belief in what she calls “trickle-down-lov-o-nomics” as a means of contributing to a happier world. Inga told us when successful, influential people find fulfilment in their relationships it trickles into every aspect of their lives and into the lives of those around them. And her roster of clients worth millions of dollars and 16 offices around the globe are proof her personalized, psychology-based approach to matchmaking works. At Ivy International, Inga and her team are helping the world’s high-net-worth singles connect with partners who share their lifestyles and aspirations.

Ivy International Founder and CEO Inga Verbeeck has dedicated her life to both the business and magic of helping influential professionals find love. Since 2011, this highly trained matchmaker and entrepreneur has given more than 300 couples the keys to unlock fulfilling, romance-filled futures together.

“I think that if we can bring more happiness to people — especially to high-net-worth individuals who are influential and have power — then hopefully we can make a difference,” Inga said.

Her knowledge of the world and passion for helping others has been key to her long-term success. Inga’s early work as a yachting journalist and photographer allowed her to report from around the world — a learning experience that would inform her later work as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

Ivy International — An Exclusive Dating & Matchmaking Agency Empowering Successful Single Professionals to Find the Perfect Partner

Inga Verbeeck founded Ivy International to connect successful singles with compatible partners.

With a master’s degree in finance and experience in journalism, she became CEO of a leading international steel trading company at 30. After 13 years in the steel industry, Inga chose to pursue matchmaking because, everywhere she looked, she noticed most people shared a desire to find lasting love.

As a successful business woman, Inga was also able to bring her unique perspective on gender roles in the professional world into her work with successful singles.

“Although we’ve evolved towards being more equal, there is still a lot of work to be done towards true gender equality,” she said. “Because of the whole feminist movement, a lot of men are confused. They are not sure what women want.”

Inga told us it’s Ivy International’s goal to help bridge such gaps in understanding and create opportunities of a lifetime for modern singles. Inga and her team are determined to provide the best of value for clients. With a natural ability to read and match individuals, she is committed to providing her members with a world-class experience that is sure to deliver solid results. And it all starts with an approach that puts clients in control of their own destinies.

Personalized Membership Packages Capture Clients’ Goals

When you join Ivy International, you are more than just a number. Inga and her team go above and beyond to create a lasting impression and a one-of-a-kind experience through coaching built to guide, inspire, and, at times, challenge clients to move forward.

“Everything we do is personal, discrete and executed with the highest level of professionalism,” Inga said.

Membership fees start from 15,000 euros for a Standard Membership. Executive and Premium Membership prices and details are discussed with clients only after a one-on-one meeting due to the personalized nature of these packages. But whichever route clients go, they can rest assured their efforts are likely to be fruitful. Ivy International’s success rate continues to increase, with a 92% of male clients finding partners in the first year.

“Yes, we are matchmakers, but true success in matchmaking is about enabling so much more than that,” Inga said. “Anything from goal setting and life mentoring to styling and dating etiquette courses — there’s an extensive service menu that can be transparently tailored to each individual’s needs.”

Ivy International clients range from 23 to 82 years old and are based mainly in Europe, the US and the Middle East. The majority of Ivy clients fall in the age bracket of 35 to 55; however, the firm has specific programs for both promising youngsters as well as silver singles (or those over 65). Inga told us membership and client diversity is what makes Ivy International stand out.

“We have an incredibly international and diverse clientele with a large group being entrepreneurs and C-level management, but also creative individuals such as photographers, artists, musicians, and more,” she said.

A Heart-Centered Magazine That Hones in on Love as a Lifestyle

For Inga and her team, matchmaking is more than a strict formula — it’s a lifestyle that captures the art of love. And nothing supports that more than Ivy Magazine.

As part of an upcoming relaunch, Inga told us she’s turning the online magazine into a more blog-based format and will be publishing print editions twice a year. Inga said the magazine promotes discretion and helps create a communication platform where the team can share expertise, inspire others, and provide insights into the matchmaking profession.

“Our service is highly bespoke, personal and discrete, and in our magazine you will obviously not find any information about our members,” Inga said. “Just our Inspirations section is viewable by the broad public as we set out to spread the word about matchmaking and put an end to any taboos people might associate with it.”

Through Ivy Magazine, Inga is committed to sharing ideas, tips, and expertise about all things love, food, and life.

Inga told us the print magazine will cover similar topics as the online magazine but with a bigger emphasis on love and relationships.

“We will not be doing travel tips and things like that but wider, more in-depth content, including collaborations and interviews,” she said. “All of it will center on love as the glue and the common topic.”

People Are Talking About the Team’s Success & Accountability

Out of all of her professional accomplishments, Inga said she is extremely proud of having found the passionate and skilled staff on her Ivy International team. People have truly taken notice and have come to depend on the team for help to find a perfect partner with shared values, a similar lifestyle, and perhaps a like-minded philosophy. Most importantly, Ivy team members assure clients that the right partner really is out there.

“Our team is key,” Inga said. “It’s probably what I’m most proud of: assembling a unique team of individuals who are the heart of Ivy.”

Inga told us her team is very diverse and come from an array of cultural backgrounds — with 11 different nationalities on board. And, though the team may hail from different places around the globe, Inga said there is very much a family vibe present at Ivy International.

Ivy International — An Exclusive Dating & Matchmaking Agency Empowering Successful Single Professionals to Find the Perfect Partner

Inga told us Ivy International’s success is due, in large part, to the expert team she put together.

“The company culture within Ivy is like a family,” she said. ”We cook lunches together, we practice yoga together, and have quarterly team-building and training sessions in various parts of the world.”

Inga and her team have been widely covered in the press for being thought leaders when it comes to exploring new approaches to high-end matchmaking. Inga has been featured on a number of international news outlets and this team’s accomplishments prove time and again that those who stand out get noticed.

“Every single one of us is passionate and driven by our company’s mission and philosophy,” Inga said. “I do believe in inspirational leadership and allowing each team member to grow to their potential. I believe we have created a very nurturing environment which is especially important in our business as we need to empower our clients continuously and propel them toward success.”

Next for Ivy International: Rebranding & Expanding Services Globally

Inga is not one to rest on her laurels. She is constantly looking to push the envelope of her own success by continuing to rebrand and expand. Ivy will be completely re-launching its brand and website in 2018.

“It’s rather exciting because it’s what we’ve been working on for the past two years,” Inga said. “We found that the matchmaking industry truly needed a change. That is why we are disrupting and truly re-inventing it.”

In the meantime, Inga is also leading the company as it takes its headhunting expertise to the next level. Ivy International plans to invest in worldwide, classy, and inspirational campaigns, which are communicated through different channels for the sole purpose of creating a world of opportunity for those who need or want it. To get a preview of the kind of ideas that are being formulated, visit Inga’s goal is to continue to strengthen Ivy’s reputation as a truly unique, one-of-a-kind service agency.

“Making a difference in the lives of our clients means the world to us, and it’s what makes every team member start every day with a smile,” she said. “Our clients’ journeys with us broadens their horizon and provides opportunities that wouldn’t occur in the normal path of life.”

With their new tagline, “Ama Tempus Tuum” — which means “Love Your Time” — Inga and her team hope to motivate people to be proactive about their love lives.

“Life is too short to just sit around and wait for an opportunity to pop up,” Inga said. “Your time is the most valuable commodity, so we must spend it wisely. What is life and riches without love? We all have the desire to share life and all of our happy moments with someone we love. It surely makes the ride of life worthwhile!”

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