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La mise en relation dans un réseau fermé constitue une sécurité pour certains, mais une limitation pour d'autres. Ivy parvient cependant à combiner avec brio ces deux éléments via les Campagnes Ivy (Ivy Campaign©), qui recouvrent des opérations flexibles de type “chasseurs de tête” - mais pensées pour vos relations amoureuses.

Qu'est-ce qu'une Ivy Campaign© ? Il s'agit d'un moyen d'attirer un nombre significatif de candidats à la rencontre, toujours dans le cadre de vos attentes spécifiques. Les candidats seront recrutés à la fois au sein et en dehors de notre base de données. Ils auront été attentivement validés, et même dans le cas d'une recherche de grande ampleur, ils ne seront autorisés à vous rencontrer qu'après un processus de sélection soigné et échelonné.

Chaque Ivy Campaign© se fonde sur une stratégie unique et bien définie, destinée à obtenir des résultats optimaux. Les campagnes sont inspirées par les qualités les plus essentielles du candidat idéal recherché, et par les émotions de leurs instigateurs. Ceci bien sûr, en tout anonymat.

Ivy Campaigns© fait désormais partie des ressources primordiales de l'aventure Ivy. Contactez-nous pour savoir si une campagne serait la solution qui vous convient.

Search for Venus.

This unique quest goes beyond borders and has been a large scale headhunting project, seeking love for one special middle-eastern client.
We all have a desire to love and be loved, but sometimes we just need a little support in our quest to find that one perfect match.

Ivy has been scouring the lands of nine countries for a beautiful, curiously smart and plus-size, voluptuous and beautiful woman between 21 and 30 years old, who wanted to meet a successful, generous, kind and easy-going man in his early 30’s.

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility. She was a natural beauty, strong and devoted. As one of the earliest representations of the goddess, the Venus of Willendorf also symbolises the glorification of femininity. Searching for a perfect match: a modern Venus who is too is truly exudes our goddess’ virtues with brains, curves, positivity and a general lust for life.


Accomplices in Love.

Accomplices in love is a bespoke campaign developed by Ivy, for one particular client in search for his true and complementary love.

Are you a 30-something woman looking for someone to share your life with? Someone who stands proudly by your side, someone to share your deepest feelings with and to just enjoy everyday life with all the lovely things life has to offer? If so, you might be just a few steps away from meeting your life soul mate.

Accomplices in love is all about finding true and complementary love for a 50-something, sophisticated, down-to-earth and confident man. A hard worker with strong family values; responsible and mature yet young for his age. Someone who has a great respect for mind and body, and with a healthy and strong physique. A true believer in love.

A love based on mutual interests, values and experiences is the most beautiful thing in the world. Share your life with someone who complements you.
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Seeking Apollo.

The significance of profound and everlasting love might just be the most precious personal goal to aspire to – for all of us. Are you looking for someone to share your life with? Someone standing proudly by your side, someone to share your deepest feelings with and all the lovely things life has to offer? If so, you might just be a few steps away from meeting your future partner…

Ivy Relations is in search of a special soul that is intelligent and cultured, interested in the art and the finer things in life.

Our client is a sophisticated, down-to-earth, gracious woman, in search of a true-life partner. Our lady is looking for someone who will brighten up their life as they share a life of quality together, spending time travelling the world and indulging in great conversation, food and art while supporting one another

We are seeking a mature, worldly and intellectually curious man between the age of 60-85 Are you charitable, loving, caring and do you have a passion for nature, traveling and culture? Might you be that true gentleman, extremely refined and elegant, who has a brilliant head over his shoulders and feels comfortable discussing many topics?

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