Ivy International Matchmaking


A world of opportunity in a digital era, privately

Matchmaking within a closed network equals security for some, yet it might feel limiting for others. Ivy has succeeded combining both elements into a scalable amorous headhunting operation which is the Ivy Campaign©.

An Ivy Campaign© is designed to attract a significant number of matching candidates within each specific search’s framework, both in- and outside of our database. Regardless of the scale of the search the candidates are carefully screened and eligible for introduction only after a diligent and tiered selection process.

Each Ivy Campaign© is uniquely outlined and strategized for optimum results. They are fuelled with the essence of the ideal candidate we are seeking to find and are opulent with emotions from its creators – yet in all anonymity.

Ivy Campaigns© have become an essential gear in the timepiece that is Ivy. Contact Ivy if you want to find out if a campaign is the right path for you.


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