Mirror, Mirror, on the wall …who is it I truly see?

They say that sometimes things aren’t as they seem. In the world of Ivy, we are continuously reminded of – and intrigued by – the fact that there is indeed so much more to a person than meets the eye. Sometimes we may have a certain image of someone, or we may assume things after a first superficial encounter – yet we all have our story, our backpack and our uncertainties.

Let’s take icon Cary Grant for example. Seemingly a clean-cut light-comic actor, he struggled with depression throughout his life. Part of this unhappiness stemmed from his uneasy relationship with the fairer sex, a problem that may have sprung from losing his mother when he was just nine years old. While Grant was quite the ladies’ man on screen, he didn’t fare quite so well in his own life. He was married five times, and the first four wives all left him.

As a child and teenager, Marilyn Monroe experienced problems with stuttering, especially when excited or nervous. One of her most recognizable traits, her airy, gaspy voice, was actually adopted during her sessions with a speech therapist in order to overcome her stuttering.

The biggest compliment we at Ivy often receive is that there is so much value in the self-exploratory part of their journey with us. Truly understanding one’s self, embracing the real self and understanding what we really seek, want and need in a partner might just be the key to happiness.
We’d like to share a tip of the Ivy iceberg with you and invite you to a little self-reflecting exercise …! We hope you will indulge and find even just a touch of enlightenment!

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