Pioneering in personal services

Because we believe in facing life head-on, and making things happen for ourselves, not only professionally but also when it comes to our personal life, the extended Ivy team includes a range of carefully curated consultants and collaborative partners. In tight collaboration with our core network, we can assist you in accomplishing specific exigencies concerning your personal life.

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Why are we offering this service? Because now is as good a time as ever to start creating the perfect new “you”. With a little bit of help it might just become easier to tick off those boxes on that bucket list, or simply make things happen that just seem to remain out of our grasp.

Ivy is your one-stop, one-of-a-kind expert confidant, supporting you discretely in order to live your personal life to the fullest. Whatever you feel you need, tell us and we’ll outline how to achieve it!

The Renaissance of Matchmaking.

At Ivy we take matchmaking to a new level, and across various fields. The revival and remodelling of matchmaking is Ivy’s DNA.

> We are truly universal: Ivy’s matchmaking service has no borders nor boundaries, not geographically nor otherwise.

> We value your time. Therefore, our bespoke and expert matchmaking service ensures that we will only introduce those potential matches that are most suitable and promise that sprinkle of magic.

> We advocate the revival of old-school etiquette, with a modern twist

> It has no digital footprint; it’s about people matching people. Because the art of matchmaking is a delicate and profound process, it can only be proficiently executed within a personal and secure setting.
When it comes to love, finding your perfect match might often feel like chasing a unicorn. For this reason, whichever connection you are missing and seeking for, Ivy is the definitive go-to matchmaker.

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Personal Services.

Whatever we do, and whoever we match, the right human environment is key for happy clients and sustaining high standards. Our personal service options are designed to support you in becoming your best and desired self.

Ivy has designed a unique diagnostic process allowing your personal Ivy mentor to escort you diligently and effectively throughout your individually created program.

Ivy’s team of personal mentors works closely together with our delicately curated team of consultants, coming from all corners of the world. The very best in luxury and personal services combined.

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Relationship Management.

“No man ever wetted clay and left it. As if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.” PLUTARCH

Finding your match is one thing. Keeping it is an entirely different story.

Ivy is equipped and connected to function as your own private relationship concierge. A relationship of any kind needs to be nurtured. And deservedly so. A lifetime is but a point in time, so let us enjoy it. Live your time and entrust Ivy with the particularities of your relationship.

Ivy’s team of mentors is here to keep and foster your love calendar, plan special events, procure the unobtainable perfect gift, engineer the ideal anniversary holiday and more.

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