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Time is the great equalizer for all and it is Ivy’s mission to inspire and enable you in spending it valuably. We live in a digital, high-paced and demanding era which leaves little time for self-care and the joys of life.

In today’s world with an abundance of expectations, we can find ourselves having a hard time finding love. It can actually be a true challenge no matter your social calendar or status. Divorce rates are on the increase, the dating scene more elusive than ever before and the fear of connecting on a human level is feeding loneliness.

Returning to the basics; taking time to breathe and take in that view, truly devouring that special moment or just breaking away and prioritizing your personal life might just be what you need to find that desired balance and regenerate with positive energy.

At Ivy we believe in and are inspired by professional success, in being ambitious and reaching goals. Yet even more so, we believe that time waits for no one and we have to make the most of every day.

  • “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”


Can’t buy me love


We believe that life is not complete without love, passion and profound requited relationships. We know that genuine connections are hard to find and we know that finding your partner in crime can be an elusive quest, even more so for successful and high-flying persons. But we know that a perfect partner with shared values, a similar lifestyle and perhaps a like-minded philosophy really is out there for each of us – in more ways than one.

With a vast global network of high-caliber clients and contacts across the globe, we can broaden your horizon significantly. We have the ability to connect people that would not meet in the normal course of life, which simply allows for extraordinary things to happen.

But let’s be clear, true human connections cannot be bought. Through the use of various resources and highly-skilled team of experts, the best of opportunities can be created; yet they then need to be seized delicately.

Passionately and with a vast amount of combined know-how, we strive to bring back the classic way of dating, the gentleman’s ways and the worth of genuine conversation.

With a bespoke service designed to each of our member’s individual requirements we are here to coach, guide, inspire, at times challenge as well as instigate our clients. It’s all about investing in yourself and your future. Everything we do is personal, discrete and executed with the highest level of professionalism.


Founder and CEO Inga Verbeeck is considered one of the world’s leading matchmaking specialists. With a history in finance and trading she now combines business acumen and a touch of idealism to help bring happiness to influential, high classed singletons. The fact that she can perfectly relate to the lives of her clients given her own life experiences has made her become an entrepreneurial matchmaker in the first place.

With proficient knowledge of human relations and an expertise that enables her to connect with clients, her essence is the foundation of the success of Ivy Relations. A romantic at heart, Inga is a fervent advocate for various philanthropic movements and a regular speaker in her fields of expertise.

Our business

Ivy Relations is proud to have evolved from a small collective with a vision, to an established boutique agency with a clear mission, and endeavours to further mature its corporate footing whilst maintaining the rare warmth of its team dynamics.

The team at Ivy Relations consists of management and an advisory board, a customer service team of trained multilingual matchmakers, the Ivy mentors, as well as a team of globally present Brand Ambassadors. Our Ivy mentors guide our Clients through their personal service programs, as well as care for their Memberships. Our extended team includes carefully sought-out expert consultants.

Ivy Relations spares no effort in preserving its independence. Consequently, the company relies on its own leverage to achieve growth in regards to investing for the future and further developing its customer service platform.

Ivy is a forward-thinking company, actively executing ethical leadership and continuously evaluating how to further improve quality, productivity as well as corporate well-being. Ivy is always seeking ways to attract and foster suitable talent to further expand its wings.

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Join the Ivy Family

Ivy has assembled an amazingly skilled and dedicated team.

At Ivy we have a diligent HR policy, a flexible yet dependable corporate structure as well as particular working methods and methodology. With in-house trainings and continuous development programs, we strive to nurture talent and inspire each other to become the best version of ourselves.

At Ivy Relations we are continuously in the hunt for talented individuals to expand our team with!

If you are naturally social, genuinely empathic and insightful with a worldly knowledge and excellent communication skills and are looking for a new challenge within a high-end environment where teamwork, diligence and high-standards are key, you might just be who we’re searching for!

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International Agency

Inga Verbeeck

Antwerp founder & ceo Read More

Inga Verbeeck


Inga has built a successful career at an early age as an active entrepreneur and business consultant across a wide range of industries. With a master’s degree in finance and experience in journalism, she became CEO of a leading international steel trading company at the age of only 30.

After thirteen years of being active in the steel industry, Inga found a new passion in the business of matchmaking. She has become a fervent, skilled and reputable matchmaker and is determined to provide only the best of value for her clients. Inga’s charismatic and avid personality – together with her commercial acumen – makes her perfectly suited for the world of elite introductions. With a natural ability to read and match individuals, she is committed with an open minded spirit to provide members with a new world of opportunities. Because she believes, just as Shakespeare did, it’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.

She is a proud mum and a keen traveller with a requisite for adventure.

Spoken Languages: Dutch, English, French

[email protected]

Ana Daniela Micu

Antwerp Global Client Manager | Ivy Mentor Read More

Ana Daniela Micu


A graduate in business management and passionate when it comes to marketing and communication, Ana Daniela began her professional career as a consultant for a well-known Group of Companies in the beauty and well-being Sector in London, UK. With a desire to explore the world, she took the challenge to work in a global position as a PR and Ambassador for a prestigious hospitality company based in Miami, USA. It was there where she had the chance to take part in holistic workshops and she had the opportunity to hold seminars each 4th or 5th day in different cities – on different themes related to promoting a conscientious lifestyle, developing healthy relationships, mindfulness, time management and even supporting various charities through the sales of its products.

Travelling and interacting with people world-wide has always played a big role in her life. Not only because it allowed her to discover amazing places and explore different cultures, but also to meet and learn from prestigious authors, teachers, speakers, alchemists, shamans, visionary beings, dreamers, priests and universe mystery keepers – people passionate as her in well-being, happy relationships and a fulfilled life in all aspects.

Ana Daniela’s experiences, both personal and professional have allowed her to build a valuable network in the holistic field and she is passionately active when it comes to transpersonal psychology, happy relationships, inner exploration and self-development. She has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the team, with an inspiring positive mind-set.

Spoken Languages: English, Italian, French, Romanian

Victor Gomez

Lima Key Brand Ambassador for Latin America Read More

Victor Gomez


Victor was born and raised in Lima, Peru. As a Japanese descendant, Victor was thought the value of time from a very young age. It has thought him to act considerately today, yet always keeping the future in mind.

With a significant professional background in commercial aviation and marketing, Victor developed his career working with the most prestigious telecommunications, industrial, hydrocarbon and educational companies in his country. His vast experience of 10 plus years in sales and business intelligence has led him to direct his own venture related to the production of non-pharmaceutical natural medicine three years ago which has enriched his knowledge, abilities and interests.

Victor is passionate about sports and entrepreneurship in general. He strives to dedicate an equal amount of time to both endeavors in order to find the perfect balance between work and staying healthy. When it comes to sports, Victor holds a particular interest in soccer, table tennis, chess and gym.

As an entrepreneur he pays particular attention to projects that use and depend on technology to improve people’s quality of life. Victor enjoys travelling and visiting places with a lot of mystique and history, just like Peru itself.

Spoken languages : Spanish, Portuguese, English

[email protected]

Francesca Lorenzet

Italy Angel Ambassador Read More

Francesca Lorenzet


Francesca, our Italian Ambassador is an absolute delight; she is cheerful, attentive, and decisive. She takes great care of those around her and in her work, she is always ready to listen and advise.

Francesca loves to travel and considers herself a real globetrotter, she is on a continuous search for peace and tranquillity; she has an endless thirst for knowledge and adventure. At any given time or place, Francesca is a problem solver, finding the perfect solutions at the drop of a pin. Detail oriented when it comes to her work, she takes great care in even the smallest things, she is scrupulous and thorough and you can trust that she will always be punctual.

With her strong personality, patience and reliability, Francesca is wonderful asset to Ivy International.

Languages Spoken: English, Italian

[email protected]

Lucy Anderson

London Angel Ambassador Read More

Lucy Anderson


Lucy was born and raised in Scotland, her great love of travel, skiing and mountains took her to Switzerland where she has lived and worked for over 15 years. With a background in business and marketing and a great love of meeting new people, Lucy has successfully run several businesses in Switzerland.

A true romantic, Lucy is making the move back to the UK to be with the love of her life, met through an introductions agency. She is happy to tell her story and to help make your dreams of companionship become a reality.

Spoken Languages: English, French

[email protected]

Helen Magnuson

Scandinavia Brand Ambassador Read More

Helen Magnuson


Helen was born in Sweden, but has had an international upbringing. This, combined with the fact that she loves to travel and has lived in many different countries, has made her a true citizen of the world.

Helen has had significant experiences throughout her life, and they ultimately led her into becoming a life coach. She also has a variety of other working experiences, most of which carry a creative character. Helen is involved in PR, journalism, interior design and art, creating moving paintings that stimulate the human senses. Everything she gets involved with, both personally and professionally, is because of her love of people.

Helen continues to apply her negotiating talents, creativity and innovative spirit to various ventures in the business world. She is fluent in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian and French.

e-mail [email protected]

Jamie Abruzzo

New York Angel Ambassador Read More

Jamie Abruzzo

New York

Jamie was born and raised in suburban New York and went on to graduate from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. with a major in Spanish and began a career that lasted 12 years in International Private Banking as a relationship manager to high net worth clients from Latin America and Spain.  Her employers included Citibank, Chase and Banco Santander.

Jamie loves to stay fit with pilates and dancing and she has a soft place in her heart for the ballet, theatre and old classic movies.  She loves to socialise with good friends as well as making new ones and loves to travel and explore new places with a particular fondness for Europe.

After her banking career, Jamie embarked on a career in luxury residential real estate sales and she is now excited about bringing her client relationship skills to Ivy International.

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

[email protected]

James Eves

London Premium Consultant Read More

James Eves


James had always taken a lot of pride in his own appearance and during his time as a Personal Trainer other men started asking him to help them with theirs, invariably to get an edge at work or with women – to look more like a leader, to be taken seriously and to feel attractive. Naturally, his career as a style expert grew organically from there.

His approach to men’s style is both simple and holistic. It’s about exuding good health, vitality and confidence. To make the best of what we have been given and to be truly comfortable in one’s own skin. James believes that our outward style must be aligned with our inner character and personality.  The clothes we decide to wear are only a small part of this. Fitness, etiquette and class are some of the other aspects James can assist with.

Not a fashionista, a designer or a trend setter or anything of the sort. James has simply taken on the important task of helping men show their best inner self on the outside too.

Spoken Languages: English

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