Love, Actually: The science behind lust, attraction, and companionship

Love, Actually: The science behind lust, attraction, and companionship

by Katherine Wufigures by Tito Adhikary In 1993, Haddaway asked the world, “What is Love?” I’m not sure if he ever got his answer – but today, you can have yours. Sort of. Scientists in fields ranging from anthropology to neuroscience have been asking this same question (albeit less eloquently) for decades. It turns out […]

Mirror, Mirror …

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall …who is it I truly see? They say that sometimes things aren’t as they seem. In the world of Ivy, we are continuously reminded of – and intrigued by – the fact that there is indeed so much more to a person than meets the eye. Sometimes we may have […]

Sin tiempo para besar ranas –

Esperando que se conviertan en principes o princesas Este domingo, animado por mi buena amiga Venus O´Hara, me encontré en uno de los restaurantes más exclusivos de Barcelona con Inga Verbeeck, CEO de la única agencia de MatchMaking del mundo para ricos y celebrities: IVY International.La verdad es que cuando Venus me habló de la […]

Spooctacular Halloween Dating Tips for Singles

Halloween memo - Tips for a perfect evening full of dating your soul mate

The 31st of October people around the world get together to celebrate Halloween. It could serve as kind of the perfect night to meet someone new. If you’re single and looking for a new romantic interest: everyone is out and about and ready to have a fun evening so grab a mask or put on […]

Being brave

being-brave-ivy. Tip for a perfect evening full of dating your soul mate

Even in Love and Dating some basic rules apply. Dating doesn’t have to be a mystery and doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need a little hand and a touch of courage. Know what you want and are willing to give. People don’t make a plan when going into dating and often end up […]

Lovable Music

Top 10 songs for when you’re in love by Ivy International. Love songs have been around ever since people started writing music.. We can’t think of a more universal topic. For when you’re first dating or just because.. these lyrics can give us a hand in putting our feelings into words. The Power of Love […]

New Partnership announcement

IVY International and ELEQT are teaming up

Collaboration is aimed at events to attend, places to go, networking, lifestyle stories and exchanging tips and ideas. IVY International and ELEQT are teaming up to help bring more amenities to members. The partnership is aimed at giving IVY International’s members the possibility to attend events, to exchange on a high end networking platform and to […]

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