Ama tempus tuum.

Ivy Relations is the haute-couture relationship
agency of choice for successful professionals and high net worth individuals across the globe. We hunt heads, create opportunities, enable introductions, make matches as well as manage relationships. Valuing time, we lead our clients towards achieving their personal goals and living happy lives.

About Ivy

The Da Vinci of matchmaking.

With a unique and innovative modus operandi, the team at Ivy Relations is simply devoted to making an everlasting impact for their clients. Ivy is all-inclusive and non-judgemental; a maverick collective that believes nothing is impossible and reality is the image of one’s perception. Ivy goes above and beyond. Always.



Through innovative thinking and with an array of designed features sui generis, we create a world of opportunities for our clients. We instigate you to pro-actively achieve your personal goals and desires. At Ivy we are proud to be true pioneers in the art of matchmaking. That is how we excel in providing the most suitable opportunities and the very best results in personal services.

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Truly tailor-made

We take pride in our made-to-measure approach and genuine dedication. We get to know our clients on a profound personal level. We strive to understand their multifaceted lives and define their expectations. We are unequivocally dedicated to providing Ivy clients with the most exclusive personal service.

… and truly private.

Our members are at all times cared for within a discrete, protected and highly professional environment.

On a personal note

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha

At a certain point in life, it dawns on us. Our time isn’t endless.

And as Emerson said, it is not even the length of time but the depth of life that truly matters. In this Information Age we all too often neglect our personal life, our human requisites, and perhaps waste fragments of our most valuable commodity on the distractions of the digital evolution and instabilities of our era.

Whilst many of us may justly thrive on professional success – every so often even fortuitously leading to world-changing events and inventions – we must also enjoy life and our favored wonders of the world!

What is life indeed without the ability of sharing those special moments with loved ones.

It feels like fate having tumbled into this particular profession, as it has become a place where I can instigate my team members to add value to other people’s lives. It has become a catalyst to at least contribute to a small change in the world, as we believe in our Ivy philosophy that I like to call “Trickle-down-lov-o-nomics”! Happy people, and especially happy influential people will instigate more positivity, and even – as research has proven – more productivity.

Matchmaking is a concept unknown to many, unclear to most and nonsensical to some. Yet in a decreasingly social society it is becoming a sought-after service, in whichever form it may take place. In some cultures, matchmaking is a highly celebrated and respected profession and has been around for centuries, yet today taboos still have to be broken.

My team and I are privileged to get to know so many fascinating and beautiful people on a profound level. It is with gratitude that we are delicately entrusted to broaden the horizon of the private lives of so many members.

“I am indebted to my parents for living, but to my mentor for living well” – Alexander the Great

Inga Verbeeck
Founder & CEO


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