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Appuntamenti tradizionali nel XXI secolo.

Un' Ampia Rete
Siamo consapevoli che l’amore sia difficile da trovare e siamo altrettanto persuasi che l’amina gemella sia ancor più sfuggente, in particolare per persone di successo e facoltose. Sappiamo tuttavia che un perfetto partner con valori condivisi, uno stile di vita simile e probabilmente una filosofia comune è un desiderio realizzabile in attesa di essere colto.

Grazie ad un’ampia rete di membri sparsi in tutta Europa e oltre che rispondono a questi requisiti, possiamo aiutarvi a cercare il vostro lui o la vostra lei. Di fatto, abbiamo la capacità di mettere in contatto persone che non avrebbero mai modo di incontrarsi nel normale corso degli eventi, moltiplicando così le possibilità di trovare l’amore e realizzare il vostro sogno.
Grazie alla passione, una profonda e comprovata esperienza e quel leggero tocco di idealismo, ci impegniamo a riportare in vita la tradizione classica nell’organizzare incontri romantici.

Con un servizio su misura e personalizzato per ognuno dei nostri membri, a seconda delle loro esigenze individuali, ci proponiamo di preparare, guidare, ispirare e perché no sfidare e istigare i nostri clienti. Ogni singola azione è personale e unica, discreta ed eseguita con il massimo livello di professionalità.
  • “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”


Leader di Mondial


La fondatrice, nonché Amministratore delegato, Inga Verbeeck è considerata tra i maggiori specialisti a livello mondiale nell’organizzare incontri per anime gemelle. Con un’ottima conoscenza delle relazioni umane ed un’esperienza che le permette di provare empatia per i suoi clienti, con un passato nel settore finanziario e commerciale, è in grado di combinare le capacità imprenditoriali al giusto entusiasmo, per aiutare i single influenti dell’alta società a trovare la felicità.

La sua capacità di porsi in perfetta sintonia con le vite dei suoi clienti a partire dalle sue esperienze di vita, le ha permesso di diventare un eccelso agente matrimoniale.

Agenzia Internazionale

Inga Verbeeck

Antwerp Founder & CEO Leggi di più

Inga Verbeeck


Inga has built a successful career at an early age as an active entrepreneur and business consultant across a wide range of industries. With a master’s degree in finance and experience in journalism, she became CEO of a leading international steel trading company at the age of only 30.

After thirteen years of being active in the steel industry, Inga found a new passion in the business of matchmaking. She has become a fervent, skilled and reputable matchmaker and is determined to provide only the best of value for her clients. Inga’s charismatic and avid personality – together with her commercial acumen – makes her perfectly suited for the world of elite introductions. With a natural ability to read and match individuals, she is committed with an open minded spirit to provide members with a new world of opportunities. Because she believes, just as Shakespeare did, it’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.

She is a proud mum and a keen traveller with a requisite for adventure.

Spoken Languages: Dutch, English, French


Chloë Aerts

Antwerp Ivy Mentor Leggi di più

Chloë Aerts


Born and raised in Antwerp, Chloë loves her city. Having studied psychology, she established great listening skills and is able to read people. Her passion to work with and for others makes her a natural in communication skills and social interaction.

When having a problem you can rely on her creative mind to find a solution that suits all parties. Chloë is driven to learn new things every day and keeps an open mind facing new challenges. She is hard working and does this with true enthusiasm and a positive mind-set.

In her spare time she loves to travel combining culture and relaxing, reading a good book or trying out new recipes. She has been lucky to find the love of her life at a fairly young age and they are happily married and the proud parents of a beautiful boy. Being fluent in Dutch, English and French, Chloë is a great asset for Ivy International to listen, understand and act according to our client’s needs and wishes.

Spoken Languages: Dutch, English, French


Michaela Steger

Antwerp Ivy Mentor Leggi di più

Michaela Steger


Michaela grew up in a multilingual area in northern Italy, she was always curious about other languages and cultures. She has a very strong connection to her  family and the mountains where she grew up but would like to see the whole world. Michaela studied language, history, and philosophy, but always liked to have some commercial activity such as working at the hotel of her parents or being a tour guide before moving to Belgium.

Michaela moved to Belgium for love and had the chance to grow into account and project management roles. She loves to spend time having fun with her family, going to festivals, hiking, and enjoying good food and wine.

Michaela misses the Italian lifestyle but loves the relaxed and open minded mentality in Belgium. Her warm and friendly personality helps her clients feel secure and at ease which makes her a great asset to the Ivy team.

Languages spoken: Italian, Dutch, English, French, German


Melina Quiñones

Antwerp Ivy Mentor Leggi di più

Melina Quiñones


Coming from a multicultural family, Melina was born and raised in Mexico City. Her Mexican-Cuban roots have always given her a wide interest for different cultures and a keen interest for languages.

Melina went on to obtain a degree in Applied Linguistics in Mexico City, which she applies to this day by trying to learn and perfect as many new languages as she can. Her other passion being teaching, Melina moved to France after her studies to become a professor.

Never shy with her smiles, Melina has an enthusiastic disposition and an optimistic spirit. These, paired with her passion for teaching and her passion for music have helped her develop the necessary sensibility, empathy, and understanding skills to be a matchmaker.

Having found love herself in Antwerp, now the proud mother of a beautiful son, she is convinced that we all have a soulmate somewhere in this world. And it’s just this kind of idealism that make Melina a perfect addition to the Ivy Team!

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English, French


Carmen Strofer

Spain Brand Ambassador Leggi di più

Carmen Strofer


Carmen was born in the Dominican Republic and lived there until she completed her bachelor’s degree, at which point she moved to Miami to complete her double master’s degree in Psychology. 4 years ago, love brought her to Belgium where she is now happily married.

With a deep passion for the human mind and relationships, Carmen loves to be part of and help with people’s individual journeys, offering an open mind and positive attitude to everyone she comes in contact with. She strongly believes that healthy and positive relationships enrich our lives, and is happy to help her clients achieve them.

Carmen loves life and everything it has to offer and finds the appeal and the fun in everything she does. She loves spending time with loved ones by getting together for a delicious meal or enjoying some quality music at a festival, but she can also appreciate the quieter moments just reading a book or watching a movie.

Carmen has an all-around caring and positive personality and is a great addition to the Ivy team!

Spoken languages: Spanish and English


Amelie Witschard

Stockholm Brand Ambassador Leggi di più

Amelie Witschard


Amélie has spent the largest part of her life in Sweden but being born in Switzerland she feels a strong connection to the mountains where she tries to spend as much time as possible. Her Swiss background led her to study International Economics with focus on French in the Swedish student town, Linköping.

Other than spending time in the mountains skiing, she also enjoys horseback riding, goes wave surfing when she has the opportunity and aspire to learn kitesurfing.

Amélie also has a weakness for travelling and is always in the search for new adventures. She is positive, outgoing and cherishes meeting and socializing with people from all over the world.

Languages spoken: Swedish, English, French


Nathalie Linotte

Antwerp Angel Ambassador Leggi di più

Nathalie Linotte


Born and raised in Antwerp, Nathalie became a salesperson after her studies in international business communication. She speaks French, Dutch and English fluently.

Her passions in life are jewelry and making people feel good and happy about themselves. In this way she found the greatest combination for those two within Ivy International. She loves to help and listen to our clients with full patience and interest.

Nathalie loves to travel the world and is always up for an adventure. Reading books and magazines is her favorite way to relax. Practicing sports like running, snow and wake boarding, playing tennis and dancing is how she spends all of her spare time.

Nathalie’s charm, caring nature and genuine interest in people are what make her a great asset at Ivy International

Spoken Languages: Dutch, French, English


Anisha Lalani

Dubai Angel Ambassador Leggi di più

Anisha Lalani


With an incredibly international past, Anisha was raised in Rwanda but moved to Belgium to receive premium education, graduating as an honor student from her MBA in International Business Management. After her studies, Anisha went on to work in various companies around the world, large and small, obtaining great insight into different business model. Her worldwide exposure gave her the ability to connect and understand people from various backgrounds, religions, cultures and personal preferences.

After enrolling in a fashion design course in Milan, Anisha moved to Dubai where she fulfilled her dream of starting her own company before turning 30, and also manages various stock and real estate portfolios. She likes to spend her free time while on land riding her Ducati and travelling the globe. When she is below sea level, she specializes in shipwreck and cave diving.

Anisha’s positive and driven disposition makes her a wonderful addition to the Ivy team!

Languages Spoken: English, Dutch


Francesca Lorenzet

Italy Angel Ambassador Leggi di più

Francesca Lorenzet


Francesca, our Italian Ambassador is an absolute delight; she is cheerful, attentive, and decisive. She takes great care of those around her and in her work, she is always ready to listen and advise.

Francesca loves to travel and considers herself a real globetrotter, she is on a continuous search for peace and tranquillity; she has an endless thirst for knowledge and adventure. At any given time or place, Francesca is a problem solver, finding the perfect solutions at the drop of a pin. Detail oriented when it comes to her work, she takes great care in even the smallest things, she is scrupulous and thorough and you can trust that she will always be punctual.

With her strong personality, patience and reliability, Francesca is wonderful asset to Ivy International.

Languages Spoken: English, Italian


Angeline Loo

Singapore Brand Ambassador Leggi di più

Angeline Loo


Born in Singapore, Angeline spent most of her life in New York city, where she developed a successful career in PR and marketing for the fashion industry. She had a diverse set of responsibilities, from merchandising to dealing with clients directly. Angeline has recently moved back to Singapore.

With a degree in journalism, Angeline has a passion for travel and possess a natural curiosity for people and the human nature, which have brought a great deal of enriching experiences to her life and a unique insight into the human psyche. She has also had the opportunity to make many friends from all across the globe and this allows her to interact easily with people from all walks of life.

Her sunny disposition and open mind make her a great part of the Ivy team!


Jamie Abruzzo

New York Angel Ambassador Leggi di più

Jamie Abruzzo

New York

Jamie was born and raised in suburban New York and went on to graduate from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. with a major in Spanish and began a career that lasted 12 years in International Private Banking as a relationship manager to high net worth clients from Latin America and Spain.  Her employers included Citibank, Chase and Banco Santander.

Jamie loves to stay fit with pilates and dancing and she has a soft place in her heart for the ballet, theatre and old classic movies.  She loves to socialise with good friends as well as making new ones and loves to travel and explore new places with a particular fondness for Europe.

After her banking career, Jamie embarked on a career in luxury residential real estate sales and she is now excited about bringing her client relationship skills to Ivy International.

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish


Lucy Anderson

London Brand Ambassador UK/Switzerland Leggi di più

Lucy Anderson


Lucy was born and raised in Scotland, her great love of travel, skiing and mountains took her to Switzerland where she has lived and worked for over 15 years. With a background in business and marketing and a great love of meeting new people, Lucy has successfully run several businesses in Switzerland.

A true romantic, Lucy is making the move back to the UK to be with the love of her life, met through an introductions agency. She is happy to tell her story and to help make your dreams of companionship become a reality.

Spoken Languages: English, French


James Eves

London Premium Consultant Leggi di più

James Eves


James had always taken a lot of pride in his own appearance and during his time as a Personal Trainer other men started asking him to help them with theirs, invariably to get an edge at work or with women – to look more like a leader, to be taken seriously and to feel attractive. Naturally, his career as a style expert grew organically from there.

His approach to men’s style is both simple and holistic. It’s about exuding good health, vitality and confidence. To make the best of what we have been given and to be truly comfortable in one’s own skin. James believes that our outward style must be aligned with our inner character and personality.  The clothes we decide to wear are only a small part of this. Fitness, etiquette and class are some of the other aspects James can assist with.

Not a fashionista, a designer or a trend setter or anything of the sort. James has simply taken on the important task of helping men show their best inner self on the outside too.

Spoken Languages: English

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